Medicine: Fully Funded PhD Scholarship at Swansea: An analytical and epigenetic investigation

Medicine: Fully Funded PhD Scholarship at Swansea: An analytical and epigenetic investigation

Medicine: Fully Funded PhD Scholarship at Swansea: An analytical and epigenetic investigation

Completely Funded EPSRC and Microsaic Systems PhD Scholarship: A logical and epigenetic examination of the ecological and human wellbeing effects of per-and polyfluoroalkyl ‘always synthetic compounds’

This grant is subsidized by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Microsaic Systems plc.

Start date: October 2021

Branches of knowledge: Analytical science, natural medication, ecological observing, epigenetics

Ecological contamination has been firmly connected to unfriendly human wellbeing results, prompting developing examination around here. Given the broadness of synthetic substances utilized in regular day to day existence and their protection from natural breakdown, the danger of contamination through discharge by means of creation, use, incapable wastewater (WW) remediation, or potentially leachate from landfill is huge. ‘Fit-for-reason’ observing methodologies are basic to understanding these connections by deciding the pollutant(s), level of openness, hazard, and adequacy of the executives cycles to all the more likely control deliver and alleviate hurt. Observing methodologies regularly require singular example assortment on location, with test planning and investigation utilizing complex instrumentation in a lab. This outcomes in the postponed organization of moderation gauges and has driven examination for distant checking arrangements that give constant information to advise robotized as well as AI-driven administration measures, to rapidly respond to decrease ecological and general wellbeing chances.

Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are toxins of expanding concern, famous as ‘perpetually synthetics’ given their natural determination following use as defensive, non-stick and fire-retardant coatings inside hardware, materials, cleaning specialists and cookware. With a deficiency of natural testing (counting drinking water sources) inside the UK, and starting human epigenetic contemplates showing regenerative, formative, immunological, kidney and cancer-causing impacts from openness by means of skin, debased food or water, there is an expanding need to screen these contaminations. Moreover, given there are clashing records of the epigenetic components of explicit PFAS (for example DNA methylation from PFOS and PFOA), questions stay concerning how these phenotypic changes happen across the expansiveness of PFAS poisons and their blends. By joining in-house ecological example readiness and epigenetic approaches, with Microsaic’s smaller than normal mass spectrometer, this venture will foster an observing stage fit for estimating PFAS at source and inside a lab setting, and assist with building up the wellbeing effects of PFAS contamination. Consequently, through association with partners of the natural area, this work will better educate contamination remediation and catch measures for the more secure administration of PFAS.

This task will be based inside a multidisciplinary research association between the scholarly community (Swansea University Medical School-SUMS), industry (Microsaic and Siltbuster) and an ecological controller (Natural Resources Wales-NRW). This organization looks to all the more likely comprehend the connections between natural contamination and general wellbeing, and has the advantages of state of the art offices and innovations explicitly for ecological and epigenetic testing. For the task, the understudy will utilize instrumentation and lab moves toward that incorporate scientific innovation and strategy advancement (counting mass spectrometry), 3D culture, epigenetic cell and atomic tests, and related information investigation procedures, giving an assorted and genuinely necessary range of abilities to connect the areas. The administrative group have a solid history in advancement drove exploration and preparing, with past projects concerning innovation improvement (SUMS, Microsaic, NRW and Siltbuster), natural observing (SUMS and NRW), and epigenetic testing of xenobiotics (SUMS). Hence, with co-advancement of exploration at the interface of natural and general wellbeing, this venture gives a multidisciplinary preparing setting, with freedoms to distribute high effect work and present at applicable worldwide meetings. The understudy will likewise be furnished with office space, upheld through fortnightly administrative gatherings (virtual and face to face) and effectively urged to take part in SUMS preparing and proficient accreditation/participation (for example RSB/RSC) to additional their turn of events.


Up-and-comers should have at least upper below average Honors degree in an important order including science and organic chemistry.

Applicant ought to have insight of logical instrumentation (fluid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS)) and particular programming, tissue culture and test groundwork for ecological networks, scientific (MS) and test readiness technique advancement for quantitative examination.

For applicants whose first language isn’t English, we require IELTS 6.5 (with 5.5 in every part) or same. If it’s not too much trouble, visit our site for a rundown of satisfactory English language tests.

This grant is available to applicant of any ethnicity.


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This grant takes care of the full expense of educational expenses and a yearly payment of £15,609.


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